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Chat-räume für grpc

chat-räume für grpc

With gRPC we can define our service once.proto file and implement clients and servers in any of gRPCs supported languages, which in turn can be run in environments ranging from servers inside Google to your own tablet - all live sex vidio the complexity of communication.
Go get m/rodaine/grpc-chat make install, usage grpc-chat -help, usage of grpc-chat: -h string the chat server's host (default 6262 -n string the username for the client -p string the chat server's password -s run as the server -v enable debug logging.
We also get all the advantages of working with protocol buffers, including efficient serialization, a simple IDL, and easy interface updating.
Then you hidden cam xxx porno define rpc methods inside your service definition, specifying their request and response types.Mehr erfahren, folgen Sie uns.If youre only interested in creating gRPC clients, you can skip this section and go straight to Creating the client (though you might find it interesting anyway!).Run as Server docker run -rm -p 6262:6262 rodaine/grpc-chat -s -p "super-secret".Finally, lets look at our bidirectional streaming RPC route_chat.Now lets look at something a bit more complicated - a streaming RPC.Grpc_tools_ruby_protoc -I././protos -ruby_out./lib -grpc_out./lib././protos/route_oto Running this command regenerates the following files in the lib directory: lib/route_guide.Each r p "received #spect" Although its not shown well by this example, each enumerable is independent of the other - both the client and server can read and write in any order the streams operate completely independently.Orange County Gopher's Meetup.Return.each_item end Here the method receives an Enumerable, but also returns an Enumerator that yields the responses.Es sind jederzeit tausende Menschen online und mit nur einem Klick wirst du sofort mit einem von ihnen zum Chatten verbunden.End Finally, lets look at our bidirectional streaming RPC route_chat.Lerne die Leute erst kennen, bevor du auf Weiter klickst.Def route_chat(notes) q w(self) t w free emoticons für den chat-raum do begin notes.You also should have the relevant tools installed to generate the server and client interface code - if you dont already, follow the setup instructions in the Ruby quick start guide.You specify a client-side streaming method by placing the stream keyword before the request type.Installation, installation requires the Go toolchain, the protoc compiler and the protoc-gen-go plugin.Melde Nutzer, die gegen die Regeln verstoßen.Although each side will always get the others messages in the order they were written, both the client and server can read and write in any order the streams operate completely independently.
Pb defines a module Examples:RouteGuide This contain all the protocol buffer code to populate, serialize, and retrieve our request and response message types lib/route_guide_services.