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Why did he refuse to große saftige bubble gay cam have it edited?
After dropping what I considered to be an ethical bombshell, he simply continued blithely onto other subjects.When this happens, it is a truly precious path and rules of samaya and pure perception can be upheld in unexpected ways.All of them are mere shiny objects that distract from that point.I stopped reading after he said that students who spoke out against Sogyal Rinpoches behaviours had broken samayaand that Vajrayana masters might even break Western laws if they needed to and there was nothing students could.The stories of Milarepa and Naropa are examples of that.I am not saying that Rinpoche doesnt make some good points in the article, though he makes some points that I question and some points that seem a little trivial to my mind.I mean, I really dont think that the press treat Buddhists badly or are to be blamed for this situation!I felt physically ill.They are needing to retain their discerning wisdom and compassion, which are the bases of the strength and courage required by the Mahayana and Vajrayana.Then its a difficult situation, not one that can be resolved by black and white rules of samaya, such as the ones laid down by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in his article.There was a moment, after reading this, when I had the feeling that I could no longer continue as a Buddhist.They forget that this is about fellow students being harmedand about students who would defend them being silenced.Students then find some distractions or antidotes that they like, such as the point that we have to communicate better or that lamas have to warn students about Vajrayanaor the quips about the New York dashi echte familie sex Timesand then they forget the main point.
None of them show any compassion or concern that suffering might be occurring.
And I fear that while, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche might act very hip, he is clearly coming from an ancient, misogynistic arabisch-chat-rooms in dubai view point and students need to not lose sight of that.