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Hier existieren nicht nur Accounts mit Fake-Bildern, Fake-Handynummern miss sympathie live cam porno und anderen unwahren Angaben, sondern auch ganze fake identitys.Casual-Dating sein Glück versuchen.Kein Treffen möglich: Gibt es immer wieder Ausreden, dass ein Treffen nicht möglich sei oder die vereinbarten Treffen werden kurzfristig abgesagt?Der nächste Schritt bestand

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kostenlose social chat hotlink quote

TeX fans insist on the correct (guttural) pronunciation, and the correct spelling (all caps, squished together, with the E depressed below the baseline; the mixed-case TeX' is considered an acceptable kluge on ascii-only devices).
Common interjections are "What a loss!" and "What a moby loss!" Note that tv live sex kanal moby loss' is OK even though *moby loser' is not used; applied to an abstract noun, moby is simply a magnifier, whereas when applied to a person it implies substance and has.It is noticeable (and contrary to many outsiders' expectations) that the better a hacker is at hacking, the more likely he or she is to have outside interests at which he or she is more than merely competent.Common A bug that has been documented.We scrutinized the switch and its lone connection, and found that the other end of the wire, though connected to the computer wiring, was connected to a ground pin.Later, confused questioners began voicing "Wall?" themselves.May be kostenlose internationale chat zeile used reflexively; "Uh, I'm 404ing" means "I'm drawing a blank".Popularized in the 1980s.Common Of people, exhausted.Today, IBM claims to be an open-systems company, but IBM's own description of the ebcdic variants and how to convert between them is still internally classified top-secret, burn-before-reading.Equivalent to Yiddish schmuck The sex avatar chat rooms apps sound a newbie makes as he falls to the bottom of a kill file.See blow past, blow up, die horribly."I'll get back to him on that feature in my copious free time." :copper:.Recent tendencies to featuritis and software bloat can expand the RAM footprint of an OS to the point of making it nearly unusable in practice.pig-tail: radio hams A short piece of cable with two connectors on each end for converting between one connector type and another.Synonym for penis' used in alt.cons: /konz/ or /kons/ from lisp.Techspeak, primarily Unix The ascii LF character (0001010 used under Unix as a text line terminator.Compare copious free time.
During the US Antitrust trial against Microsoft the names Micros1 ans Micros2 were suggested for the two companies that would exist after a break-up.
From automotive slang To be conspicuously fast.